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The company was established as an SPV for structuring multiple online projects led by internationally acclaimed venture capital investor Victor Remsha. SPC Smalls is associated with Finam Global fund, which has successfully invested in promising TMT sector projects in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America since 2004.

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Victor Remsha

Victor Remsha

is Leading Global Technology Investor

We have always focused on the needs of a client who wants to invest. We had to create everything that he needed to do so focusing on the use of high technologies Victor Remsha


  • Viktor Remsha is the founder and chairman of the board at Finam Group, a leading global stock brokerage.
  • Mr. Remsha received a top rating among executives by the Russian Managers Association, a major national business association.
  • He was awarded the V.V. Leontyev Medal of Honor «For Achievements in the Economy», which was established by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • Remsha has invested in over 50 high-tech projects in 15 countries around the world.
  • He has been consistently been ranked by Forbes magazine among Russia’s Top 200 affluent businessmen, with his fortune estimated at over USD 850 mn (112th, 2020).
  • Top business media have repeatedly referred to the activity of Victor Remsha as a venture investor.


Victor Remsha was born in Krasnoyarsk in 1970. He graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, majoring in radio electronic systems. As a student, he became a co-founder of Finam in 1994 and later became the sole shareholder of Finance Analytics. Initially, the company provided information services while expanding into financial services, enabling retail investors to access Russia’s major stock exchanges. Finance Analytics was turned into Finam Investment Holding and a year later all of the holding’s companies began to operate under the single Finam brand.

Finam was the first Russian brokerage to come out with educational marketing programs and set up a training center. At a later time, the company was one of the first investment industry players to establish its own bank, that was renamed Finam Bank. With a wealth of IT expertise, Finam launched Comon, a social trading network which is currently one ofthe largest auto-tracking service.

Finam has rapidly expanded not only its domestic, but also foreign networks. Nowadays, the group’s subsidiaries and representative offices operate in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

Victor Remsha one of the first who assessed the outlook for investment in venture projects and startups, and started making money in this field. Businessman heavily invested in Russian and foreign IT startups in different countries since the 2000s. Key investment areas are social networks, banner exchange systems and fintech projects. Major projects include contextual advertising company Begun, dating platforms Mamba (on the list of the most expensive RuNet companies according to Forbes) and Badoo, interactive agency E-generator, payment system Delta Telecom, banking marketplace and social network MirTesen. Now Victor Remsha holds equity stakes in a number of the most promising and rapidly expanding Russian and foreign projects, since 2004 having invested in over 50 projects, and the investment portfolio is currently valued at over USD 1 bn.


  • Finam
  • Carta
  • Intelligence Retail
  • Plastiq
  • Fundry
  • Kopa
  • Capture
  • Emphasis Ventures
  • Nalogia
  • Earnest
  • Busfor
  • Lending Club
  • Punto Pago Sistems nacional de Pagos
  • Badoo
  • Finance It
  • NSR Invest
  • Merkata
  • Gill Soft Tech
  • Dianrong
  • SBDA Group
  • Finex Kap
  • Platiza
  • Daily Pay
  • Direct Advert
  • Try2BFunded
  • SMI2
  • whotrades
  • mirtesen
  • market gid
  • Alawar
  • Astrostar

And more than 50 projects in 14 countries


Victor Remsha is a very busy man. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered.